Art Treasure Hunt - HIDDEN Rookwood

Hidden Rookwood Sydney Art Sculpture Trail Inner West Things To Do
Not too far away from where we live in Sydney there is a wonderful old cemetery - an actual Necropolis for all the different cultures and religions throughout the city. It has been operating continuously since 1867 and is one of the oldest working cemeteries in Australia. 

It has rather wonderful ornate and decaying splendour and some botanical delights. This vast city of the dead has so many different sections, with churches, mausoleums and memorials from all ages and is a wonderful place to stroll through and be at peace.

Every year the HIDDEN Sculpture Trail is held for a few weeks in September / October in the oldest section of the cemetery amongst the gardens and the graves. You get a map and get to explore and find each of the numbered exhibits.

We just managed to see this last week before it closed - put it in your diary for next year!

Hidden Rookwood
Doors Art Sculpture Void
Art Sculpture Towel Sydney
Hidden Rookwood
Manchester Sheets and Towels
Vintage Bedding Towels
Ceramic Flower Sculpture
Death of a Reef Sculpture Art
Ceramic Clay Sculpture Buddhist
Signpost for Universe Infinity
Moon Constellations Vintage Art
Constellations Space Hades Underworld
Motherhood patience power mumlife belonging family

Survival Strategies Parenthood Metaphor

Sculpture Table Art Dinner

Recognition Art Pink Tree Stepping Stones

Clothing Wool Jumpers Frayed Unravel Grief

Death Grief Recyling Renew
Feathers Ceramics Art Sculpture Rainbow
Faces Art We Are One Community
Infinity Ceramic Sculpture
Toddler Art Sydney Explore Things to Do
Pebble Stone Art Texture Ceramics