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About Me

My name is Angie Hulme and I own Kitten Vintage.
A Lancashire (Northen England) lass born and raised to “Make do and Mend” and even as a child I loved going to jumble sales with my Grandparents and having a good rummage for a bargain and a quirky 80’s knit.

My creative talents took me to Blackpool Art College where I learnt to dress up and enjoy flares and disco as much as I loved to draw and paint.

Collecting clothes became my passion and I followed my dreams to study fashion in London in the 90’s. With weekends spent shopping in Camden Markets or working at an archive of Pop Culture Clothing, vintage clothing became my passion – I even used 1960’s and 1970’s pieces as inspiration for my degree collection. 



London wasn’t my thing and I moved back to the good old north of England where I launched a fashion label called Me&Yu back in 2003. Specialising in hand drawn and handprinted tees our store also sold a handmade collection, vintage and remade.

Me&Yu became a Manchester institution and our store in Afflecks (an alternative shopping centre) became a rite of passage and a must visit destination for locals and visting celebrities such as Agyness Deyn, Lady Gaga and Noel Fielding.

Yearning for some sunshine, I moved to Australia in 2013 and with a fresh new life, decided to close Me&Yu in 2015 and launch Kitten Vintage. Trading at markets and events around Sydney and having a regular pop up at Work Shop Makery.


Kitten Vintage allows me to concentrate on all the things I love – vintage, sewing, reworking, recycling, styling, creating. And of course hanging out with the kittys and listening to vinyl…

Flash forward to 2019 and now I'm mum to a busy growing girl who is now nearly 2. Kitten Vintage has taken a backseat to my busy life in the last few years but now I'm really getting a handle on what I want to achieve with this little business. Read more about my journey here.