Full Moon Blues

I've been feeling a bit flat this week. It's always the same after an event for me and one of the reasons I don't do too many these days. It takes me time to get back into the swing of things after working towards the goal of a market and its a rollercoaster of emotions and tiredness levels.

I'm very in tune with nature and often find my moods change in line with the moon and the seasons and always take note of what's happening in the astrological plane. If like me you like a little guidance then I find Sarah Wilder and Mystic Mamma great knowledge sources to tap into the mysteries of the planet.

“We now enter a time of turning toward new directions, and will find stability as we learn to enjoy ourselves and the pace of the process." 
Robert Wilkinson, from Mystic Mamma

Even on weeks when I don't seem to achieve anything concrete I'm always working away behind the scenes. This week I've been solving problems with my Square reader, glitches on my website and doing ongoing research for my new range.

After the Mixtape Markets event we just dropped off the stock back at the studio so last weekend I got everything back on the rails and started tidying the mess that is my fabric stash, this weekend will see the completion of that task. Once I start making for my new range, everything needs to be accessible so that I can re-use and re-cycle all my old fabric!

I'm slowly chipping away at the rough list of goals and objectives to see me through the year and it goes something like this:

1. Create new logo for the two ranges - Kitten Vintage and kit/ten ✔️

2. Set up and create new website, instagram business and shoppable tags  ✔️

3. Organise studio and tidy ✔️ (well nearly finished the most important bits)

4. Start blogging the process ✔️

5. Hone down the Kitten Vintage range and sell down surplus stock at events / ebay  ✔️ (on-going)

6. Continue sourcing saleable pieces for ebay and maintain 40-50 listings ✔️ (on-going)

7. Photograph rest of Kitten Vintage stock and upload to website - on going

8. Design 10 key pieces for kit/ten and communicate the process for each design.

9. Launch kit/ten range at Round She Goes - Saturday June 1st with one rail of stock.

10. Create more kit/ten pieces, photograph and get online and then move through to phase two of promotion.

So when you look at the list it's great to look at the things I've managed to tick off and a lesson for me not get disheartened when things don't move so quickly. 

This week the priority has been to focus on my ebay listings and you can see what I have online here - it's a mix of things that I've accumulated that don't seem to fit into the main range or I've been carrying around at markets for too long. I've still got a few things to list before I can tick this one off! Ebay can be a laborious process so it's not something I wish to continue in the long term but it can be a great source of extra pennies if you manage to find the right things - my favourites are the Gorman mustard yellow coat and the Nicolas Red Leopard Dress - so cute!