Op Shop Tour Leader

I received a blast from the past this week - it's five years since I got a little bit of publicity for being an "Op Shop Tour Leader" - the perfect job for me - leading tours of thrifters around Sydney Inner West suburbs of Dulwich Hill and Marrickville.

I had to laugh at the photoshoot and syndicated story in the Daily Telegraph - I've been in a few newspapers and magazines over the years and they always get you to do the funniest things! Read the full article here

I'd not long been in Australia and was looking for additional ways to supplement my income and discovered this amazing 'situation vacant'. I got to write my own tour plan around my local area taking a group of thrift shoppers around the area and introduce them to the local of shops and vintage stores and also impart some knowledge about secondhand shopping. 

I loved the opportunity to meet a variety of people from all walks of life and help them navigate through the different stores and layouts to find some great buys. I'd have people looking for very specific things - a great outfit to wear to a wedding, a bold new look following a big life change, some outfits for the entire family and other's just looking for a different day out.


Whenever I put together a class or a course I always like to be prepared and create a few handouts and things for people to take away. I thought you'd love to see the some key points to remember when hunting for thrifted treasure - here's by tried and tested ten tips to remember when Op Shopping!

It got me thinking that it would be great to start posting a series of "Op Shop Adventures". With my little girl in tow we often have some great days out to incorporate an op-shop or two for mum and a toddler friendly activity. It's a great way to explore Sydney and we'd love to share our Op Shopping fun with you!