Shopify Siesta

Well here you are on my blog / website & shopify store but I confess selling online on my own website is becoming harder than ever. 

I love my website with Shopify - it's easy to navigate, create collections and use as a master inventory but financially, it's just not paying off! With raising costs and a fluctuating exchange rate, paying for a US based shopify store means my costs have raised significantly from around $30 Aud to nearly $70 a month.

This year I've just returned from a UK trip and am saving to go back again in the summer (Aussie winter) so I'm all about wealth creation and preservation to fund this second trip so these costs seem unjustified.

Shopify always used to have ebay as a built in sales channel so it was really easy to push my inventory over to ebay with a few clicks. Since Shopify broke these links with ebay (now you have to pay an external provider for this service) my website has been on borrowed time. It's still really useful to have a standalone website, I feel it gives my business a certain integrity but I've decided to pause my store and have downgraded to a "design and build" package whilst I consider my options. This means that although you can browse through my site, the shopping cart and checkout has been disabled. But if you like anything online you can simply send me an email to and I can send an invoice for payment.

Going forwards, my main outlet will be the Kitten Vintage ebay store 
I'll be posting more to Kitten Vintage instagram - where you can message to buy and pay via Paypal. 
I'll also be adding more inventory to Kitten Vintage on Depop and eventually listing the Kit//ten handmade & upcycled range on Etsy

By concentrating my time onto selling platforms it will allow me to participate in more events - watch this space!