The Way You Wear It!

Hi I'm Angie, this March there is a social thread called Meet The Maker #marchmeetthemaker and this is my contributing post. I feel a bit of a fraudulent maker at the moment as I'm still in transition phase and the only 'made' things you can really see on my website are shortened vintage tops. So instead I'm going to use this post to talk about sizing and styling.

These lovely pictures of me (ahem) are snaps from last weekend - a busy mum running errands and doing chores. I'm not exactly a skinny-minny - my mum bod is a temple of perfection - to the love of cake and carbs! What these pics illustrate (as well as saying Hi 👋) is my love of putting together an outfit - a splash of colour here and an accessory there brings a smile to my day. In this body-conscious, instagram famous, showing-off world it can be really hard to just be normal. I'm all about body positivity and embracing your own personality through the medium of clothes and fashion. 

I love the oversize beach kaftan thing - I picked it up secondhand but have always been unsure how best it looks as it's just so huge! I decided tucked in was the better look for me with those pants, with leggings I wear it loose and flowing. Although it shows off the pants aren't really the best shape for me - the perfect pants elude me and I end up buying a size bigger to allow for bending down and picking up my heavy wriggling toddler in Sydney's humid weather. FYI the correct size stick to your legs and rip, trust me I learn the hard way... twice 😂. One of the first items in my new range will be the perfect slouch pants...

When you meet me at events or look through the website you'll see I always say "Depending how you like to wear". I've been every size from a size 8 to a size 22 and some clothes have seen me through every size. Wear it tight or wear it oversize - the choice is yours! If I'm selling vintage clothes that are a marked size then I'll always put the labelled size plus a suggestion of what size it will fit and the full measurements. If you're not sure  - grab a tape measure and compare it to your body or even better a similar item of clothing that you already own.

I always put the measurements flat across the garment over the bust, waist, hips and length, as appropriate for each garment. If you're measuring against yourself you'll need to double it and then you need at least 1-2cm 'wiggle room' depending of the fabric and fit of the clothes and the way you want it to fit. Of course jersey and knitwear has stretch so it can be much more forgiving. Anything tailored with a zip and darts will require more attention to detail. For your reference:

It seems like “ugh maths” the first time you do it but once you get used to thinking about how clothes fit your body and how you want to wear them you'll find buying online so much easier. And I think the most important thing if you're unsure about how to get the best fit - just ask! I'm always happy to answer any questions no matter how strange they may seem - I'm the expert here and I want happy, confident and fabulously dressed customers - so just message me here :)