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Thirning Villa, Ashfield Pop Up Project

I love supporting local business but my suburb of Ashfield is more renown for tasty eateries than pop-up shops. I was so pleased to see this fabulous Pop Up Project by Apricot+Lime  (Rosell and Eleni). A collection of vintage homewares; selected artworks by local artist Jacqueline Larcombe and even more exciting to me - a few racks of fabulous vintage clothing! The beautiful Thirning Villa (gallery & artist in residence space) is just so well suited to this kind of venture. It's picturesque setting in between the tennis club, the bowling club and the sports oval mean it's a perfect place to sit on the verandah and enjoy a coffee or tasty treat. I'm sure in the roaring 20's some rather fabulously dressed local types...

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Markets and Events - Round She Goes...again...and again...

Next Saturday is the awesome Round She Goes vintage market at Marrickville Town Hall, Sydney. These days I don't get to do many markets and events - 10 years of rain and snow in Manchester made me quite picky about the ones I choose, valuing sewing or family time over than a day sitting on a market stall and just about covering the cost of the stall (which happens more than you think). Round She Goes is one of the few events I am a regular stallholder at - even if it's just 3 events a year!Preparing for an event is a lot of hard work. Even without having to make (or remake garments) which I also do, just the amount of steaming...

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Mixtape Markets - 9th March

I've geared up 4 rails of fabulous clothes from the 80's and 90's - originals and re-worked items. Last time this was a fab event with music, fashion and collectibles from a great selection of stallholders such as Pretty Frocking Vintage, South of the River, and Roni & Poly to name but a few!For more info check out Mixtape Markets

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